So, the Backpacker did arrange to meet up with me after all. The slow communication has been in part due to his field work and having to camp for his job. As to the rest, well, I decided to take a chance on him and it was actually a really nice date. He seems like a very interesting person and I really like him. Too tired at the moment to write much else, but you know that giddy feeling when you have a crush on somebody and find out they like you back? Yeah, that. Throw in a kid and a difficult schedule and it gets more complicated, but for now I will gladly take the giddiness of meeting somebody new and hitting it off.


One thought on “Actually

  1. I love love love that giddy feeling! What an awesome update on the backpacker. So there wasn’t more to it, a great reminder that men really are simple creatures! I need to remember this next time I go to over analyse them!

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