Sunday, Sunday

I am very much liking my life these days. I really am strengthening my connections here in town and I am having an easier time finding ways to get out and people to get out with each week. Today was less eventful than Saturday but I did host a hike with a local hiking club in the evening. We walked about 4 miles on a dirt road in mud but the company was good, and the sunset and distant city lights were pretty to look at.

I am still trying to figure out the Backpacker, but maybe he really is just a little awkward? (Opinions on this may change.) After I basically said I was interested in meeting but not interested in texting forever he did step up, a little. He said he wanted to meet, and then a (slightly painful and reminiscent of the sloth DMV scene in the movie ‘Zootopia’) rambling discussion about where and when ensued. He is not a fast text responder most of the time, and his responses tend toward “I don’t know, what works for you?” (That isn’t very promising, is it?) I lost my phone in the middle of this prolongued text dialogue and only found it again this evening just before midnight, so nothing has been settled yet. But hopefully it will be settled tomorrow. Maybe? Good lord. Who would have thought “Let’s get coffee” would be this complicated.


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